Gays, Straight Take Offense At TV5 Host’s Article On Homosexuality

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Apparently far from what she was expecting, Christine Bersola-Babao has been getting a barrage of criticisms after writing an article on parenting, homosexuality and children in a daily broadsheet.

Netizens are livid as they call the former broadcaster and now TV5 morning show host all sort of names: clueless, bigot, hypocrite—name it.

Babao’s  “Being Gay” article, published on Monday, March 11, featured the  opinions of  Dr. Camille Garcia, a psychologist who appears regularly in TV5’s daily show Face To Face.

Babao, who is married to ABS-CBN anchor Julius Babao, began the interview with Garcia with a question–in bold characters–about the “early signs” of “gayness.” Garcia’s reply was apparently explosive from the very start.

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 Babao also asked Garcia for advise—must parents resort to militaristic-style of punishment for their gay children?

Garcia said “threat and punishment” will only “encourage the child more to do things wrongly, because you are shutting off the situation.”

And she said:  Explain that he is a boy and therefore, as boys, they grow up as men and their partners are women. “Hindi kasi tama ang makasama sa buhay at magpapamilya ay parehas na lalaki. Kung ayaw mo itama ang ginugusto mo, hindi namin matatanggap yun.”

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Babao even asked Garcia if being gay is “really a lifestyle choice or genetically influence?” And Garcia said it can be “corrected.”

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And the public brought to Twitter and Facebook their criticisms of Babao and Garcia.

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And even Singer and actress Lea Salonga, although not verified if it was being alluded to Babao and her article, had this to say on homosexuality on her Facebook page.

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One of those who left a comment on Salonga’s post was movie director Joey Reyes who said:

 Screen Shot 2013-03-12 at 2.18.43 PM

Babao, meanwhile, has apologized “to the people I’ve hurt…from the bottom of my heart.”


On her official twitter account, she said the reader may have mistook the statements of Garcia as hers, saying the online layout did not highlight her questions just like on the printed version.

As of 2:00 p.m Tuesday, March 12, the questions of Babao have already been highlighted. She said it was “unfortunate that readers fr the LGBT community mistook Dr Camille Garcia’s words as mine.”

In the article, Babao said she will not encourage her son, Nio, to grow up being gay.

“Now, if you ask me  what if my son grows up to be gay? I will not encourage it. But will I accept? A mother will always accept her child. A mom may not agree with all of her child’s choices or preferences, but in the end, being a kind human being is more important than what your gender is,” she said.

“We do our best as parents. We guide our children based on societal norms while balancing what is personally and morally acceptable to our own families. But once they are adults and choose to live life a certain way, it is their choice, and along with it, the consequences. A parent must be there to support and love their children all the way, no matter what. We all deserve to be happy and free,” she added.


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