Ang Ladlad Blasts Christine Bersola-Babao

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Christine Bersola-Babao continues to get a dressing down for writing an “anti-gay” article even after apologizing to those who were offended by it–not even after she, on her official Twitter account, professed  “in God’s name” that she has “profound love and respect for gays.”

This time, it’s the turn of Ang Ladlad partylist to criticize Babao.

The group said Babao’s “moral condemnation of same-sex relations is unfortunate, and her advice to parents on how to deal with their effeminate sons is wrong-headed, woefully inadequate, and potentially damaging.”

The group reminded Babao that “outdated and destructive gender stereotypes are not helpful and can have adverse effects on children’s sexual orientation and gender identity development.”

The controversial “Being Gay” article, that appeared in The Philippine Star on Monday, highlighted the opinions of psychologist Dr. Camille Garcia. Both Babao and Garcia regularly appear in different shows of TV5.

The anger of those who were offended by the article resulted in the deluge of criticisms of Babao and Garcia.

In the article, Garcia said it is “wrong” for parents to encourage the behaviors of their very young children.

“True gayness comes out at pubertal stage. (It is when the child desires or has a crush on the same sex.) What is wrong with some parents is encouraging the behavior. It’s like when a parent says, ‘Kung ano ang binigay sa amin ng Diyos tatanggapin namin.” Garcia said.

“Remember ang binigay ng Diyos na anak is a girl or boy. A six-year-old can already identify his/her gender. Good parenting structures the right role of a person. What creates the reinforcement of the said behavior is when parents allow the thinking (e.g., ‘Sige anak, ok naman na maging bakla ka, tatanggapin ka namin.’),” she added.

The article ended with Babao admitting that if her son will grow up to be gay, she will “not encourage” but will accept it as “a mother will always accept her child.”

“A mom may not agree with all of her child’s choices or preferences, but in the end, being a kind human being is more important than what your gender is. We do our best as parents. We guide our children based on societal norms while balancing what is personally and morally acceptable to our own families. But once they are adults and choose to live life a certain way, it is their choice, and along with it, the consequences,” she said.

“A parent must be there to support and love their children all the way, no matter what. We all deserve to be happy and free. We are all children of God, and in the end, regardless of gender, it is God who will judge us,” she added.

For Ang Ladlad, Babao only showed her homophobia.

“The article ends with the platitude that we are all children of God, but Mrs. Bersola-Babao’s apparent homophobia indicates that she believes otherwise,” the group said.

The Ang Ladlad said Babao’s article—seen by many as bigoted, insensitive, and ignorant—only made “questionable her role as a dispenser of good parenting advice.”

“Ang Ladlad Partylist can only hope that media personalities writing on LGBT issues would do their homework and read up on the latest available research in order to be agents of greater acceptance and understanding of LGBT persons in our society today,” the group said.

“While Ang Ladlad Partylist appreciates the efforts by media personalities to discuss LGBT issues more openly, these discussions should be enlightened and respectful of the equal rights of LGBT persons,” the group added.

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