After calling teachers ‘very stupid,’ election lawyer laughs off resignation calls

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DAVAO CITY–The election lawyer who called public school teachers and members of the Board of Election Inspectors “forgetful or stupid” did not only refuse to make a public apology but also literally laughed at calls for her to resign.

“Oh really? Funny. Question na to? Do I really need to answer that one? Kinahanglan nako na tubagon? Unsa man ground nga para mag-resign ko? Kato lang (What is the ground for me to resign? Just because of that)?” said lawyer Aimee Ampoloquio Thursday when interviewed by journalists at her office.

Ampoloquio said there is no reason for her to resign or make a public apology or listen to criticisms.

Her statement, she said, was not sweeping but was only directed at those who experienced problem during the the final testing and sealing of precinct count optical scan (PCOS) machines last Monday.

As she was trying to make a point, Ampoloquio said “wala man gi-general (it was not a general statement),” adding “O, diba? Bayot kaayo akong pagkatubag (Wasn’t that a very gay answer?).”

Ampoloquio also blamed the journalists who interviewed her, saying she was not aware that she was still being recorded up to the part where she dropped the controversial statement.

A reported asked her if she thought the news was malicious and she said “yes, I think so.”

“I was not aware that it was being recorded because the formal questions raised during the interview were already answered,” she said.

Here is the full interview with Ampoloquio on Thursday:

Karlos Manlupig, a correspondent for the Philippine Daily Inquirer and the online news portal Rappler said it was unbelievable for Ampoloquio to say that she was not aware that she was not being recorded.

“No. She said that during the interview. Hindi yon kwentuhan, interview yon (it was still part of the interview),” said Manlupig.

The 9:47 minutes interview by Manlupig and reporters from Davao Today and Radyo ni Juan with Ampoloquio after Monday’s FTS could, however, prove that the election officer was lying about not being aware that she was being recored.

Note that at 6:30 minutes of the interview, Radyo ni Juan reporter Zea Correa sought for Ampoloquio’s comment on the observation that some teachers assisting the FTS appeared unprepared.

Ampoloquio said: “We trained them well. Next election, we will no longer see each other. We trained them. We tried our best. We had a two-day training and live-in seminar apart from the refresher course.”

And at 6:52 minutes of the interview, the election officer said: “It’s either limtanon gyud kaayo sila or bugok gyud kaayo sila (either they are very forgetful or very stupid).”

Here is the full interview:

An angry public school teacher said Ampoloquio’s statement was an attack on her and her fellow teachers.

“I personally take offense at this kind of attack against us and against our profession. This is so low but I personally would like to demand an apology from her as I feel disrespected and offended by it,” a teacher, who only identified herself as Maribeth, said.

Prof. Mae Fe Templa, a nominee of Act Teachers partylist, said Ampoloquio must issue a public apology for insulting the teachers.

“The failure of the PCOS machines is the issue here and the inadequacy of the Comelec’s preparation for the conduct of the elections, including training teachers or the Board of Election Inspectors (BEIs) who are new to the technology,” said Templa.

Elenito Escalante, Act Teachers Davao Region Union President, said they are saddened by how Ampoloquio may have forgotten her lessons in good manners and right conduct (GMRC).

“Teachers who are serving as Board of Election Inspectors are not forgetful or stupid, fellow government employees should not just blame each other for no justifiable reason,” Escalante said. | NewsDesk

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  1. This Ampoloquio is both forgetful and very stupid, she forgot she's an election officer, and she's not AWARE it was an interview and now putting the blame on the journalists? Lol, she deserves to be bullied. YOU MUST RESIGN, our government needs no STUPID employee like you!

  2. Look, who is FORGETFUL and STUPID now? Unya moingon pa ka nga wala gi record ang imo interview? Where is your logic? Based on what you've said on the news, you sound like idiot…….

  3. the point there is if you can't take serious regards for the teachers in a national activity of which the comelec could not even criticize their own vulgar and stupid mistakes, then she n is not serving the interest of the people! The COMELEC needs to address first the arrogance of this atty. We teachers are doing their dirty works and they paid us a meager pesos for our service! Napaka irresponsible mo ATTY. Ampo-loko??

  4. life is here…next election…… teacher parin ang kakailanganin ng comelec… masakit mang aminin kahit ano pa ang sinasabi ni atty.. na sa susunod " DILI NA ME MAG KITA NILA"…. kaya ba ng pilipinas na hindi mag serve ang mga teachers sa next election?????… yan taga comelec every after 3 yrs lang busy sa election… compared to teachers na buong taon kayod kabayo…. walang ganyanan atty…

  5. kung mga estupido pala ang mga guro bakit pigkakatiwalaan pa yan ng COMELEC… di kayo nalang mga abogado ang maging BEI, lalo kana AMPOLOQUIO, yan ba ang natutunan mo bilang abugada? SAAN KA NATOTO DI BA GALING SA MGA GURO NAWALA ANG PAGKA MANGMANG MO… UMAYOS KA PARIHAS LANG KAYO GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEES!!! BWUSITTTTTTTTTTTTT

  6. Eh may sayad ka pala sa utak Atty. Ampoloquio eh. Better consult a psychiatrist. Mag-resign ka na nga. Your unhealthy behavior will surely ruin COMELEC. Ipa-neuro-test nyo yan si Ampoloquio. Baka mangagat yan na parang asong ulol.

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