Duterte says midnight liquor ban to discipline ‘children’

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DAVAO CITY–Incoming Mayor Rodrigo Duterte said the midnight liquor ban that he wants implemented soon is intended to help parents discipline their children.

Currently the vice mayor, Duterte said it alarmed him to see many young people are still out drinking even during hours when they are supposed to be already home.

“It is meant to help parents discipline children and keep them out of trouble,” Duterte said.

He has observed, he said, that many of those who are usually out during wee hours drinking are “getting younger and younger.”

“They maybe children of parents who work hard in the provinces just so they can send their children to school. And it is unfortunate that they do not even know what their children are doing here,” he said.

And alcohol, he said, is one of the ingredients for trouble.

Davao City has banned the selling of liquors and beverages after 2:00 a.m. Establishments violating the ban may face closure. Several years ago, Duterte ordered the closure of several establishments in Davao after he personally discovered that they were still selling alcoholic drinks even way past the 2:00 a.m. ban.

Apparently, the earlier ban would have to be amended because of Duterte’s proposal.

Mixed reactions

Duterte’s new ban has already generated mixed reactions.

Davao City Police Office (DCPO) chief, Police Superintendent Ronald dela Rosa, said he is favorable with it.

“It would mean that crime volume will be reduced two hours earlier,” dela Rosa said, adding that alcohol intoxication naturally increases the tendency of a person to commit a crime.

People who don’t drink also agree.

“Okay ra man ng liquor ban, wala bitaw ko’y negosyo na imanan. Dli pud ko tag iya sa sa San Mig. Gusto pa
nila himuon ug 10 p.m. ok lang (That is just fine. Selling alcoholic drinks is not our thing, anyway. And I am not the owner of San Mig (a popular beverage). He can ban alcohol even as early as 10 p.m.),” Deodato Tutor Jr., a graphic artist said.

Ralph Manaois, a college professor, was happy upon hearing the news. But there are also those who are against this.

“2:00 a.m. is enough. It would be too much if they ban it at 12 midnight. How will the people of Davao enjoy night life?” Jason Jeff Castillon said.

Jossel Awa, a marketing executive, said the midnight ban will surely be welcomed with opposition. In fact, Awa said, many remains unhappy with the 2:00 a.m. ban.

“People will just drink earlier and still have the chance to get intoxicated. It is bad for a lot of businesses. Not just bars but supermarkets. Even the taxi drivers. Nobody goes out anymore if that is the case,” Wesley Tyrone Yap, a businessman said.

Anne Abundo, executive director of the Davao City Chamber of Commerce and Industry Inc. said the proposal, if implemented, will be bad for bars and restaurants serving alcoholic beverages.

She said the DCCCII are going to do a study and survey on what bar owners think of Duterte’s proposal. | NewsDesk

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    • way of the lord or his teachings? kasi kung the way so dapat lahat nag pari na…
      am i right or not?
      hastang brighta nimo dong… 10 yrs or less from now awon nato ng imong anak kung giunsa nimo pagpadako…

    • Am happy that duterte doing his job.. cuz some minors now are doing too far.. beyond uncontrollable..In other countries dili gani nimo masaway kay walay karapatan mobadlong even ilahang kaugalingon parent.. Thanks Mr. Duterte make the Davao place safe to live for young Children..

  1. dapat sa minors lang ang ban tapos the rest kung magkasala dahil sa kalasingan strongest measure of penalties and branded ban from drinking in public places first offense, then imprisonment for 6 months ban for life drinking in both private and public functions.

    • we don't have enough personnel to follow all of the drinkers minors and adults…it is the responsibility of the parents to train their children to walk in the right path of life…

  2. I am very much in favor. But, I suggest that this shouldn't be a hindrance in the business community as well. I guess, people in legal age (18+ above) can bring their valid Identification card stating that they are in a legal age can be very helpful for the implementation.
    In Australia where I have visited, I am obligated and required to bring a valid identification to enter any establishment for a drink. These establishment serves the right to refuse entry if they think– prospective customer are way out of moderation.

  3. For me! na dli hilig og inum! i think 2am is enough for liquor ban. Paano maeenjoy ng mga Davawenyos and Tourist yung nightlife ng Davao pag ganun dba? so for me 2am liquor ban is enough.

  4. Tama lng nman yan ha, 2 am is enough, kya nga drink moderately,. hindi drink until death.. if gus2 nila hanggang umaga, eh d bili cla ng maraming alak at sa balay cla inum.. atleast d kau bumili s tindahan 2 am.. 😛

  5. na pati adult drinkers ani pagan… na unsaon na ang ang buss. sectors… its nice pero mejo sobra ra pud 2 a.m is enough and just be strict sa age sa baligyaan… wala may mupalit na bata kung walay mubaligya… but the thing is… ang mga adult drinkers pud ka jamming mga bata, stujante… mao pud cguro nga gi tanan n lng…

  6. Business people who are against the ban of alcohol at two in the morning because they don't care about the young ones. They only think of profit which ultimately will bring them to hell.

  7. I suggest that buyers of alcoholic beverage should be asked to present their government issued ID that they are above 21 years old or more so as not to affect the adult who would like to kill themselves.

  8. So what is a 16 year old student doing at 12 midnight being in the streets of Davao City during week-days the following day being a school day? So as not to adversely affect other industries, take an option like imposing
    A CURFEW ON THE AGE LEVEL DURING A PERIOD OF THE WEEK LIKE SUNDAYS TO THURSDAYS, because they are not supposed to be driniking and they are supposed to be in school during school days.

    • naa may 10pm curfew sa may r.castillo nakita ko… then magronda ang mga brgy tanod and pulis, meron mahuli mga rugby boys usahay. pero di man lahat yan buong davao mabantayan mo sa dami ng bata. that's why law is created to help the parents.. in the end ang parents jud mudisplina sa anak and law maghelp lang.

  9. Duterte – Davao City's Father..

    We may disagree just like the firecracker ban, but all he wants is the safety and the discipline of our people.

    Different people, different opinions. I drink a lot but I'm not affected. In our place, we are used to drinking @ home with my neighbors. Instead of listening to loud music,

  10. "She said the DCCCII are going to do a study and survey on what bar owners think of Duterte’s proposal."

    Don't spend the money on the study. I can already tell you what a bar owner thinks…

  11. para dun sa mga mag oppose. if you want to unwind you can just buy alcohol early and then drink it anywhere you want go to place where no one else knows or you can drink it at your house much better. for night life do we really need to get drunk to enjoy night life? try joining the night ride of Davao Dafolding Society(bicycle group) its also fun ^_^ there are many things to have fun during night life guys..

    para dun sa mga Pro. good for you but parents should always keep in touch with there sons & daughter especially the teen once..

    i have an idea weekends until 2am weekdays until 12mn XD peace out

    drink moderately guys..

  12. Duterte – Davao City's father…

    Just like our father, they have decisions that we may disagree but at the end of the day, what they want is to discipline us and keep us safe.

    I enjoy drinking but I'm not affected since I'm used to drinking @ home. It's more fun talking with your friends, singing along w/ a guitar instead of listening to loud music which you can't hear each other. Our 500 – 1000 php will go a long way @ home compared to drinking outside.

    AED 1000 @ bar = 2-3 bucket of beer + very little food + time limit
    AED 1000 @ home = unlimited pulutan, safe, drink till morning! :))

    Let's just deal with it just like how we accepted the firecracker ban..

    • Couldn't agree more. Overreacting lang ang mga tao. Wala nila tan-awa ang loopholes or ang mga pwede pa buhaton bisan naa na ang ban. Hala pakyaw mog isa ka truck nga beer, tanduay, the bar, gin, vodka, tequila, brandy, rum, ug uban pa before the 2am ban tapos inom mo taman mabuang mo sa inyong balay.. di man siguro bawal kay private place naman na..

  13. This is not good, the Mayor-elect seems testing the waters to put himself as a King just like his religious advisor Mr. Quiboloy who thinks of himself as the new god.

  14. okey ra pod 12midnight mayor … kay looy pod ang mga trabahante nga manguli og 2am …. 12midnight is enough ..pero kong friday to saturday 2AM lalo na may celebration … kasagaran karun mga kabatan.onan maoy mga isog kong daghan cla nag tapok-tapok labi na maka inum.. pero kong mao lang gani isa lupig pay iro nga na ulanan sa dalan pirte ka talawan ,… PEACE

  15. I don't drink but I don't really see how this well help "parents discipline children". Instead they should focus on stopping establishment from selling liquor to minors. Or discourage not ban students from drinking during school days. One good way they could do this is give discounts/promos (5+1 on saturdays?) for students who opt to drink during weekends.

    Kids theses day are hardly mature enough to be "responsible" when they drink ,even at 18 yrs old. 21 should be the reasonable legal drinking age; But regretfully that is not the case here.

  16. why not just do what other states in US do, ask for an ID and only allow those who are 21 and older to drink and smoke.

  17. Mayor Duterte should focus on apprehending unruly 18-year old kids..and leave the responsible drinkers and party goers in peace!!!!!

  18. thumbs up mayor! proud to have a mayor who stands for what is right. We have discussed this matter with my husband as we 've seen teenagers at wee hours at the bars. We pity the parents of these young people who somehow worked their way out just to send their kids to school yet naginuman lng and usually crimes most commited are related to alcohol.

  19. i’m in favor of this liquor ban. pero dapat hunahuna-on pud kung maunsa ang davao pag hantod 12 mn nlng, tourists will not enjoy their stay kai limited ang oras sa mga bar, wla nay mu adto dri sa davao city. tas how about tong mga gusto mg party, people must enjoy din naman. tama n cguro tong 2am lng, atleast ma limit ang oras ug mahal naman pud mga alcoholic drinks karon.. let’s just say na dli kaayo k afford mga kabatan’unan sa mga ilimnon ug panagsa nlng sila mkapalit ana. ang dapat bntayan kai kanang mga drugs mn jud ba, dli mn jud mka affect kaayo sa tao ang beer, kai kung mahubog, itulog lng mana nila .. pero drugs? dghan kaayo gihapon na dri sa davao, lalo na sa mga crowded na lugar, ug suok2. pati kanang jueteng. sus!

    • mao gani na point brad tungod sa kamahal sa ilimnun ang nga batan-on na dili ka afford mag buhat nlang og dili maau para maka palit

  20. unta may ing-ani sad dinhi sa poland to enforce the prohibition :)) ang midnight liquor ban to help parents discipline children and keep them out of trouble (my own reaction lang)

  21. I think the best way to protect children and help parents to discipline their children, is a law that the shops, prohibits under threat of penalty, to sell alcohol and cigarettes to underage persons. Anything else would mean that they are allowed to get drunk before midnight. Furthermore, we have a law in Germany that does not allow underage people to stay after 10 pm in bars, discos, night clubs, etc.. Compliance with this law is imposed on the operators of the establishments and is controlled by the city administration. This prevents that children can easily come to alcohol or cigarettes, and allows at the same time a reasonable nightlife in a big city.

  22. I think its not a solution to this social problem. furthermore, liquor ban will be killing other businesses. If he wants to control this drinking youth, then target the youth itself. especially elementary and high school youth. banning the liquor do not solve the problem. it is just like taking a pain reliever instead of taking an antibiotic to kill the bacteria to a swelling wound.

  23. I think Liquor ban should be abolished. How can you encourage or attract businessmen especially AMCHAM (American Chamber of Commerce) to put up business there and will let these people to work in Davao City? NO MORE WORK LIFE and BALANCE. ALCOHOL BAN is not the solution to lessen the crime in the city if you think that it is the main root/cause of the problem. LIFE in DAVAO is so DEAD! How can you let these young people enjoy their lives? You once became a youngster and you should know this. DON'T be so harsh MAYOR D! Chill! Parents should always be responsible/accountable of their children. Punish the parents for MINORS buying/selling/drinking liquors even smoking cigarettes and weeds. Information Education Campaign is a must! Bring back the life in Davao City. Let the Police Officers do the job and not just by sitting from there offices. Pagsure mo oi! Unsaon pa ninyo pagpadaghan ug turista muanha sa DAVAO kung puro na lang mo BAWAL. Unsa naman ni, MARTIAL LAW sa DAVAO CITY? Mao bitaw nga wala mi narbaho diha sa DAVAO kay hastang tuoka namo sa kadaghang BAWAL. PAghuna huna mo ug tarong oi.

  24. unsaon pud bitaw pag disiplina sa children kung ang parents 2:00am na manguli haha.. hubog pa jud 😀

  25. They should do a survey first before implementing and 6 months after implementation. Then weigh the difference

  26. Although I don’t drink, I think this is too much. It wouldn’t be favorable to businesses such as bars. Furthermore, there are also some employees who comes out from the office around 9pm. The mayor shouldn’t assume that those who drink have so much time during the day.

  27. unfair sa mga adult drinkers… it helps pa nmn sana para maka relieve sa stress …pero sometimes kasi adult drinkers kauban ang mga minors ug stujante… so mao pud cguro gi tanan n lng… pero unfair jud…

  28. what about the bars and the taxi drivers who are benefiting from the night life there income will surely drop the prices are getting higher yet the salary is still not gonna give each DAVAO citizens a three times a day meal..

  29. options… 30min panabo city,.. 45min tagum city… (for palahubog na naay car) :)))) 2am is enough for me. 😀

  30. Hmmm. Committing a crime isn't limited to youngsters only. It's open to all ages. I have mixed feelings about this "liquor ban at 12". The thing is, although it will benefit many, it will give little time for others to chill with friends and enjoy what the city has to offer after a long day at work. I for one would not want to tell my "barkada" to call it a day at 11:59. Although, I do remember back in college, I know students that spend so much money on Night life activities to a point that they would rather go to clubs than go to school with their parents not knowing anything about it. Then again, enjoying the company of your friends doesn't necessarily end when booze are no longer served. I don't know, probably it will feel like someone has put a leash on you for a couple of months or years, but you'll get used to it. I know countries that won't tolerate public affection between unwed couples. If that was to be implemented, it would seem rather harsh. But citizens of that country don't see any problem with it. It seems that Rodrigo Duterte is doing what a father would want for his children rather than what a mayor would want for it's city. What I mean is that more and more, the mayor is serving his city like he would his family. Which is not a bad thing actually.

  31. I highly recommend to be banned earlier so that student will have to go home early and study their own lesson.2. It should be banned selling liquor because for those jobless will spend their budget for looking a job. 3. I respectfully recommend to be banned selling Alcohol so that crimes will be lessen and Alcohol will destroy their liver, kidneys that can cause death. We are glad this proposal of Mayor Duterte especially to families who send their children in Davao City, foremost this will lead to prosperity and peacefulness of Davao City. Children wake up, your health will be in danger if you are drinking alcohol don't be socialite especially women going to Bars!

  32. ok uy! kung gusto maglasing punta na lang kayo sa kalapit na city o kay bumili kayo ng mas maaga… ganun lang naman. wag na oa, sunod na lang kay mayor, in the end sa ikabubuti naman yan ng davao. ndi naman siya gago or tanga para magpatupad ng isang estupidong order di ba, dati galit din karamihan nang ma-ban ang fireworks, smoking… but in the end, naging proud din tayo dahil don. ang tunay na night life ineenjoy kahit walang lashing-lashing saka gulo2x and maoy2x dahil sa alak. kanta na lang kayo,
    ♪ ♫ ♩ ♬ ♪ ♫ ♩ ♬ kabilinbilinan ni mayor magsoftdrinks ka na lang muna ♪ ♫ ♩ ♬♪ ♫ ♩ ♬ 😀

  33. kay ngano.. liquor drinks lang ba ang maka pa enjoy!! sa mga taga Davao? maybe it's time to think of something new and different from others that will still rOck the night life of Dabawenyos. HHhmmm… something that is healthy and fun! cguro like .. more comedy bars, public relaxing place at night were a lot of creative foods and drinks shempre limpyo, affordable and healthy , coffee bar with acoustic bands , fire dance, magic2 show at night hehe daghan talented sa Davao mangawas kc maka kwarta sad sila for sure daghan sad mo dayo, handicraft booths all entrepreneurs can also benefit mura bag big sale at night lang with proper booth but unta walay tax kay bagsak presho man. Haha! basta lang ma enjoy ang taga Dabaw og mga bisita.:) Dili sha gubot na area organize, limpyo and secure sha.

  34. Incoming Mayor's intention is actually good. Pero, Sir, unsaon na lang tong mga ga inom nga kibaw ang parents, old enough to manage themselves when drunk, and those who drink to have 'more' fun in Davao City? Ngano madamay man 'sila' nga ang intensyon ra kay mag lingaw2 ug dili mangitag away? Ug katong mga estudyante nga nag sige ra pud shat-shat para igat, ila na man ng kinabuhi. Sala na na nila.


  35. The firecracker ban went well and many look up to us 'cause of that, and so I trust that the liquor ban will also go extraordinarily well. I'm looking forward to seeing Davao City as a crime free city. m/,

  36. I Agree. but there are other options that won't affect the liquor businesses like showing any registered identification cards for them to know whats their right ages that will allow them to buy.
    para rin maiwas ang mga di pa dpat mabuntis, at ma safe rin ang mga babarng virgins! lol!

  37. hahaha.. so pwede pana mupalit before 12mn.. tingubon nlng para kaabot ug kadlawon.. wla mn nag ingon nga dakpon ang hubog dba? hahaha.. or ang nakainom..

  38. …why don't you ban the liquor for minors!! and impose rules liquors can sell during saturday only!to adult with ID's 21 above…..up to 9pm ONLY!!

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