Lawmakers call Aquino power-hungry, delusional

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President Benigno Aquino III has unmasked his own duplicity and dictatorial tendencies when he admitted his openness to amend the constitution, said Bayan Muna lawmaker Carlos Isagani Zarate Thursday.

“It is now out of the bag,” said Zarate Thursday, a day after Aquino admitted on national television that he is open to term extension, something that can only be done once the constitution is amended. “The duplicitous character of the Aquino administration is now very clear.  We should remember that he was against charter change when it was pushed by his allied in Congress. Now, the tune has changed.”

What is scary, Zarate said, is the fact that Aquino does not only want economic provisions in the Constitution changed, but also is entertaining the thoughts of an extended term.

“This political ambition is very alarming, considering his recent pronouncements that exposed his desire to control all the institutions of the government, particularly the Supreme Court,” noted Zarate.

What’s even more repulsive, said Zarate, is Aquino’s tendency to become a dictator to perpetuate himself in power.

“His disdain over the previous administrations’ excessive use of power, especially during the time of Marcos that victimized his family, is something that he is repeating himself,” said Zarate.

On Wednesday, Aquino said he supports calls for Constitutional change to clip the power of the Supreme Court.

“Bago nito, bago nangyari lahat ng ito, sarado… aminado ako. Pero ngayon, napapag-isip ako talaga… yung tinatawag na judicial reach,” he said.

Renato Reyes, secretary general of Bagong Alyasang Makabayan said amending the constitution, Aquino’s  second term and a weaker Supreme Court “are ingredients for a dictatorship.”

“Aquino thinks so highly of himself that he believes he can violate the Constitution, change the Constitution to conform to his wishes as well as castrate Congress and the Supreme Court – all because he thinks there is a clamor for him to stay in power beyond 2016,” said Reyes.

The lawmaker from the Makabayan bloc described the Supreme Court as the remaining stumbling block for Aquion–something that he wants shattered.

“The Congress is already under his control. Except for some, most members of Congress are bowing their heads before Aquino and that is precisely because of the almost a trillion peso presidential pork. And now, he’s attacking the Supreme Court and is entertaining the thought of changing the Constitution to weaken and eventually control the Judiciary.”

Zarate and fellow Bayan Muna lawmaker Neri Colmenares called Aquino’s move as “akin to Marcos imposing dictatorship over the country, and the  worst kind of betrayal of  Ninoy, Cory and the millions who suffered and fought to end Marcos tyrannical rule.”

“Aquino is delusional and power hungry, thus, unfit to rule. His dictatorial ambition must be crushed. He must be ousted from office to prevent him from imposing his wicked plan” said Rep. Colmenares.

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