Chiz: Aquino’s Cha-cha spells mayhem

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SENATOR Francis “Chiz” Aquino warned of a mayhem once President Benigno Aquino III pushes for the amendment of the Constitution.

The warning came Friday as the admission by Aquino about his openness to change the constitution continues to draw criticisms and negative reactions.

Escudero, who was in Davao City Friday, said if Aquino is serious about his admission–then it demands “serious opposition from me and from the people.”

“I was surprised by that announcement,” Escudero said in an interview. “I could still remember him counting down the days left for him as the president, and now this sudden change of tune. The question is ‘why?’.”

It could be, he said, that Aquino was only reminding the country of his presence–that he is still there.

“But it could be that he was only joking about it. Maybe he was only trying to put a stop into that inevitable that he is a lame duck already, and trying to tell everyone that he is still around,” Escudero said.

But if Aquino is dead serious about amending the constitution to extend his term, then a strong opposition would be in order, according to Escudero. He noted that if the Aquino administration would push for the amendment, it will result in disorder.

“If he will push for the amendments for him to extend his term, the members of the Congress and Senate will also demand for term extension.  There will be disorder and mayhem,” Escudero said.

Aquino sudden support to constitutional amendment is latched on what he claimed was the “reach” of the Supreme Court, apparently after the declaration of the Disbursement Acceleration Program as unconstitutional and the order for the government to stop the pork barrel system.

Progressive organizations have launched a series of protests to assail the plan of Aquino.

“Aquino is showing signs of being an extremely delusional megalomaniac,” said Vencer Crisostomo, national chairperson of Anakbayan. “He’s overeaten pork that is why he’s now getting crazy. Clearly, his great highness Aquino has gone out of his mind: first the attack on the Supreme Court, the yellow ribbon campaign which flopped, the crying SONA (State of the Nation Address) and now this bid for eternal rule – all to defend his illegal holDAP. Is he hearing voices?”

France de Castro, secretary general of the Alliance of Concerned Teachers said the people should always be “on guard because Aquino is capable of circumventing the law for his own interest and in the interest of the people behind him because greed has overtaken his daang matuwid.”

“He even openly criticized and challenge the Supreme Court for doing their job,” she said.

Escudero came to the defense of the Supreme Court, saying Aquino has to be reminded how the 1987 constitution–which was formulated after former President Corazon Aquino came to power–protected the Supreme Court. | JMT, NewsDesk


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