DOST to set up climate control facility

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THE Department of Science and Technology (DOST) will establish an environmental control facility which will measure the impact of climate change to the ecosystem, including animals and plants.

“We are going to put up an environmental control facility wherein we are going to stimulate the weather conditions in the future,” DOST Secretary  Mario G. Montejo said in a press conference in Davao City Thursday.

The facility is designed to measure the impact of high temperature or different weather conditions to the ecosystem. Montejo said it will be useful for the government, the public, and the private sector to be able to prepare for the adverse effects of climate change.

The technology will make the public become proactive in the face of the threats brought by changing climate.

DOST recently signed an agreement with the  United States to facilitate activities in collaboration with American scientists in their existing environmental facility. A group of Filipino scientists is set to fly to the US for this project.

Montejo expects that through the agreement,  Filipino scientists will learn and relay their learning to other local scientists.

Also, through the technology, DOST is also able to anticipate the state of the country’s river systems ten years into the future using the through their own rainfall scenario model.

The Secretary also said that they are already studying the long drought expected to hit Mindanao, another manifestation of climate change.

“We need to be able to think ahead, plan ahead for us to be able to manage the projection of our water system,” Montejo said. | Pearl Gajunera of and 105.9 Balita FM

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