Kalivungan Festival team promises to wow Aliwan Fiesta audience

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The Kalivungan Festival is all set for a spectacular routine designed to wow everyone at the Aliwan Fiesta on Saturday in Pasay.

The team from North Cotabato promises a colorful and exquisite performance that will illustrate the beautiful culture the Manobo inhabitants of the province.

“We will bring the culture of the proud and beautiful Manobo people of the Province of North Cotabato not only on the streets, but right through the hearts of those who will be able to witness the performance,” said North Cotabato Gov. Emmylou Mendoza.

According to Ralph Ryan Hambala Rafael, North Cotabato Provincial Government’s focal person for Tourism Affairs, this year’s participation will highlight the contribution of the Monobo to the growth of North Cotabato as one of its first settlers.

Mendoza, on the one hand, said the delegation is inspired by the flourishing development happening in the province and the peace experienced by the people.

All these, she said, were made possible because of the help of the Manobo lumads.


“The Manobo people’s culture and tradition is a living story of a group of an indigenous people that remains alive even today,” said Mendoza. “These are the people who deserve our adulation for being true to their promise of peace. They are also tireless in supporting all our efforts to bring more and more development and strengthen peace in our province.”


North Cotabato’s Kalivungan Festival performers — all 250 of them — are highschool students of Dilangalen National Highschool of the town of Midsayap. They were last year’s grand winner in the street dancing competition at the centennial celebration of the province.

Kalivungan is the annual festival of North Cotabato. Kalivungan is a Manobo term which means “gathering” or “festival.”


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