Intellectual bigotry and the Dutertards

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THESE DAYS, as the political climate is getting hot, I read a lot of posts from people who think they have all the answers to the point of being derisive and even abusive towards those who do not agree with them.

I consider these people to be intellectual bigots, which is another name for blowhards, who should be reminded that no one has a monopoly of knowledge nor of wisdom.

I get peeved, in particular, with posts that look down on the people of Davao City and the way we do things. Some have called us Duterte fanatics and, what was that term Mr. Celdran used? Dutertards? (Note: The term Dutertard was first used by Mr. Carlos Conde of the Human Rights Watch)

We are certainly not fanatics nor are we saying that we live in a Utopian Shangrila.

We are simply proud of what Davao City has become from the Nicaragdao of only a few decades ago and no one can deny that we have come far indeed.

Some would portray us as idiots who follow Mayor Duterte out of fear. I hope that we would have been given more credit than that.

We are not of the lumpenproletariat, acting only upon base interests without a collective consciousness. On the contrary, Davaoeños are very much aware of our unique identity as such and we are damn proud of it.

We do not fear Mayor Rody Duterte, we respect him because whatever you may say about the man, he is certainly sincere in his desire to uplift the condition of the people and he has undoubtedly displayed an ability to achieve it.

He has an iron fist, yet he has a soft heart, particularly for those who have the least in society.

He is not a dictator nor one used to a “one man rule”.

Democracy is strong and vibrant in Davao City. I do not remember any instance when progressive groups were denied a permit to have a rally in our city. We even have a Freedom Park, where you can protest whatever you maybe want to protest to your heart’s content.

Summary killings? I am a lawyer and I will never condone extrajudicial killings and it may be important to assert that neither do the greater majority of people in Davao City. Our local IBP Chapter has a history of protesting against summary executions. In fact, due to the vigilance of our chapter in protesting “unsolved crimes” in the past, high ranking police officers have been severely penalized.

We will, on the other hand, give our full support to our good policemen who, in the performance of their duties, are sometimes called upon to respond with deadly force to protect innocent civilians or defend themselves.

There is no “martial law” in Davao City. In fact, we enjoy more freedom than most because we feel safe in our city.

I am a smoker, but the smoking ban doesn’t affect me much because even before it was in place, Good Manners and Right Conduct already made me refrain from smoking in public places or wherever it would bother others.

I used to drink regularly, but it is undeniable that the ban on alcohol consumption after 1 am has lowered liquor related vehicular mishaps and violence so I’m all for it. Why argue with that?

There is a curfew for unaccompanied minors, yes. What is wrong with that? Would you like your children gallivanting late at night and into the wee hours in the morning?

In ending, to those who think so little of the people of Davao City please think again.

Do not mistake pride for fanaticism, discipline for cowed obedience, nor respect for fear.

Please, before you insult or deride us, listen to what we have to say about our city for when it comes to our city and our mayor, we know of what we speak.

LISTEN, and, you never know, you might even learn something from us, Dutertards?.

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  1. A true, excellent and brilliant point sir! I miss my hometown. Growing up in a city where you are safe and sound, where laws and city ordinances are followed, where the people give a high respect to our beloved mayor. It was the RESPECT that the people of Davao bestowed to Mayor. For whatever our city has, will or still achieve, it’s because of the mayor who has been dedicating himself on good governance and the Davaoeños who respect and work in unity.

  2. I strongly agree with your words, I would say I am 2nd in motion towards all good and all good is for God. For People who doesn’t understand the circumstances will remain in their belief system. One thing, people should have to consider being an exemplary what the Mayor of Davao have done to the place where he presently live. I am not actually promoting the Mayor of Davao to vote for the upcoming day, But to be honest with you People of the Philippines may I suggest to think not only twice, trice whom you will put in the right seat, analyse the current situation of the country and you will not have a double mind whom you will vote. Above all these, help the country…small amount of positive approach toward the country and people will transform the Philippines being a great again.

  3. Absolutely correct, im from davao too and we davaoeneus knows about how organize the city is because of the Law and order that has implemented in Davao. Im currently working in Singapore rightnow and all i can say … the city is very safe because of there Law… All people here are disciplined… kasi pag hindi at may kasalan ? Latigo ang parusa(Caning) ,, pagdrugs at baril ang mahuli sayo death penalty including crimes. Kaya ganun ka improve ang Singapore – 1st class Country. The economy will follow once the city is secured and organized. Davao City is on it, and still growing until now because of the Leadership of Mayor Rodrigo Duterte. The Philippines only needs DISCIPLINE and a better Leader like Mayor Digong. The Law in the Philippines has no TEETH, because of the people ruling on the Government! They are not on thier mind. ( pero di naman lahat). Leaders in Manila has no vision at all how to solve the problem of the Country…… few decades back until now still the same. NO CHANGESSSS…. God Save this Country (make mayor Duterte as instrument to change it). Help the POOR Lord!

  4. Words and action show he condones summary killings. So do stats in the Davao during his reign of stability(or arguably terror). He admits being a polygamist – having had or still having numerous wives and girlfriend. This is not the standard desirable in a president by any good book – his behavior and policies he condones – killing 5 persons a day! – is abhorred by any civilized first world country. Have we, Filipinos sunk that low? Is this the moral standard that we wish to impart to our youth. My fear is that one day my kid would say – “Ok lang patayin yan, masamang tao naman yan eh”. Or “Ok lang mambabae – kung sa Presidente OK, OK din sa akin”. Its not the values I would like my kids to pick up. Duterturds claim he follows the law, perhaps he appears to follow the legalities, but all the undertones hint at him trying to be above the law. He has no value for life and he has been called upon by international human rights organizations. Davao has indeed improved during his governance however the method by which it was done is not necessarily the right way and you Duterturds would argue that this was the only way, like no other city on earth has done it unless by this method. He may be able to transform the country, but at what cost. What we need is a leader with a moral compass – not someone who condones summary killings, polygamy and indubitably subvert the law to meet his agenda.

    • Kung magiging ganun ang kid mo one day…then you are not a good parent. A good behaviour or attitude starts at home. Trabaho ng magulang yan hindi ng Presidente. Nagmumura ang mayor namin, pero hindi nagmumura mga bata sa davao…Dito sa NCR, 5 years old pa lang ang lutong na kung magmura…Kaya nga sabi ni Dutere, he is not a mesiah, he is a garbage man…Don’t vote for Duterte kung ayaw mo sa kanya.

    • Corruption, Illegal Drugs, Killings and more…with all of these,maybe the Philippines should have a kind of leader that we deserve.
      Like he (Duterte) said, its up to God if he will be in that position…whether we like it or not, it will happen. He won’t die if he doesn’t become the president. But if he will become the president, what will you do then?
      Don’t worry too much sir, God is sovereign. He alone knows what kind of leader this country need.

    • before you condemn, check your facts. Mayor Duterte’s legal status is single. His first marriage has been annulled…isnt Escudero previous marriage also annulled? He has a common law wife. So he is not a bigamist. As for extra judicial killings…hearsay…the same thing they accuse erap and ping lacson of. Do your research and dont be a tool/troll passing on the propanganda used by the ‘matuwid’ yellows. Research, study and evaluate.

    • Sorry to say Jules Cabral but you are extremely misinformed and the way you process your thoughts clearly makes you a certified intellectually bigot. By the way, I’m a proud Dutertards!

    • So u mean moraly inclined ang pilipinas sa kasalukuyan? Open ur eyes…. Saang ahensha ng govt sa ngaun pag pumunta ka di makukuha sa lagay? Adultery. Palasak sa pinas yan. Magaling lang magtago ang karamihan. Dito nko sa self- confess. Bkt nmn tutularan ng anak mo ang presidente? Di b ikaw bilang ama ang unang huhubog ng ugali nya, ikaw ang tutularan nya. Wag lang mata mo ang buksan, open ur mind to reality…

    • you are correct mr.cabral on many points, but detailing duterteś sex life is of no value. who cares? look at france or many european countries. no one cares what their leaders do as long as the people get free healthcare, education and a dignified life. also calling names is juvenile (duterturds.) you are already ŕight’ in critiquing duterteś draconian methods, just stay on that point.

  5. Very nice Atty. Europa, I hope many will come out to speak of what we have become here in Davao City. We love our place and we love our mayor and we are proud of the discipline in the city we are experiencing now. We have achieved peace and order now away from the chaotic city and troubled citizens we have way back in the 80’s. Congratulations to Davaeños who heartily followed and supported the city ordinances. God bless us all.

  6. Wow. Attorney if you are against summary execution, can you pls tell me if you and IBP Davao ever filled any charges in court against Duterte for all the summary killings he had claimed.?

  7. Well said Atty. Gik. Even I am now based in different city, I am still proud to be Davaoeno. Mayor Duterte turned Davao City from fear city to safest city.

  8. Your words are true to all the things I understand about mayor Duterte’s style. Others are looking only at the dark side of it and could not able to move on to see the other side which is a paradise. But I think it is more than one-half of the voting population understand both sides.

  9. I could attest to that because I used to live in Agdao since birth. I left in 1983 and when I returned in 1998. Left again to another country in 1998 and returned every 4 years. I saw the great changes in my beloved city. I’m proud of what is Davao City now. It’s not only Duarte did it but it’s because the DABAWENOS believed and obeyed his leadership. It’s easy for those who haven’t visited Davao, try to live there and see it for yourself. We should not be carried on by the political mudslinging. We should look on the positive things the candidate has done to his constituents. Let us not judge others but ourselves first.

  10. There should be a mass movement that will protect Duterte.
    His life is in danger from Drug Lords, Hitmans and Assassins that could be hired by the Elite. — anyone could assassinate him including from the Rightist Elements in the Military

    But this mass movement should be inline with the Revolutionary forces in the Country.And Duterte MUST get himself closer with the Revolutionary forces for it to succeed. Because if not, we would not want to see Clashes between loyal Duterte supporters and Progressive Groups. It would be akward for Duterte to be clashing with the Left where he said he is originally part of. (Duterte belongs to the first batch of the KABATAANG MAKABAYAN just like Nur Misuari was)

    Similar to the Red Guards. Mao Zedong employed this trick to attack counter-revolutionaries, Duterte, if successful, could rally the masses not only as his shield but also to force the Elite to backdown and force them to accept the clamor of the public for emancipation against their hold and rule

  11. Jules Cabral, your point manifests that you really do not know whats happening in the City of Davao or who Duterte is. he never said he will kill 5 persons a day. that is un-founded. When he said he will kill five criminals per day he was referring to the criminals who are in death row which the government keeps on feeding everyday, when there are a lot of good people who are hungry. Please have an open mind, please do not judge.

  12. For a starter, I am not a Davawenyo who lives in Davao, how I wish I was born in that great city, nor I am a Dutertard for it conotes a derogatory appeal & it leaves a bad taste in the mouth! Let’s say I am just an avid supporter of Mayor Duterte, the moment I have known the city dad who transformed a lawless city, in the past, to a progressive city of today, which was an economic laggard back then in the late 80’s & now the envy of other local economies all over the country!

    By just coming up with an intelligent evaluation, using as bases informations laid down on the table, one could right away discern The Man who could lead the country away from the rut our sick society was imbedded in?

    Vulgarities? People don’t care, me included, that the good mayor cuss, for even the Holy Pope was not spared of the slip ups in one of the homilies he was officiating in Vatican & it didn’t make the Pope vulgar or unholy, did he? A womanizer? The good mayor turning 71 years old on the year of the election 2016? Oh come on, give RRD a little break, will you? What his accusers don’t know is that the good mayor is a bachelor by virtue of an annuled 1st marriage but did not opt to remarry because of love of family! Heartless? Well, he just donated a portion of his inheritance to charity for cancer stricken people of Davao, has high regard for the rights of women! A fighter for equality, be you a Lumad, Muslim or NPA, with his ideals, all must be afforded equal treatment from his government!

    So much criminalities abound, heinous crimes perpetrated by those who were under the influence of intoxicating liqour or the much dreaded drug menace, criminal syndicates proliferate & armed to the teeth, having no qualms killing people who will resist their dastardly acts, drug lords making their heydays, financing recalcitrant drug pushers peddling their trade & having the temerity to do their lucrative illegal business, even behind bars, smuggling syndicates who are practically looting the economy with their tax evasion & putting farmers & manufacturers at a disadvantage, and to top it all, the root of all evils why the nation is now in the doldrums, its economy in the downturn causing so much misery leading to poverty? CORRUPTION in the halls of government instrumentalities or maybe even in the pulpits?

    With these ills of society pervading our country, is it any wonder why The Game Changer, The Total Transformer, is very relevant today? He doesn’t need to re-invent the wheel! He will just need to apply the Davao experience throughout the country, instilling discipline, a precursor to nation-building, to get the job done! Having restored peace & order, progress is just around the corner! He could deliver in all of these, with moral ascendancy, because The Man lives a simple lifestyle & therefore he is CORRUPTION FREE! Who says this nation is not worth dying for? Who says this country can not be great once again? Mayor Rodrigo Roa Duterte, with his superior platform of governmet second to none, is The Man, The Game Changer, The Total Transformer, who is a visionary of a man, who could transform this sick society into a peaceful & progressiive country that every law abiding Filipino would like their children grow in an environment of respect for law & order! Where citizens are law abiding and only want their country to be peaceful and progressive!

    And all because of these, I, together with my family, relatives, friends, neighbors & acquaintaces, am not afraid to be called a loyal supporter of DU30, from now, till I cast & ensured my vote to be counted on May 9, 2016 Elections!

    For a DU30 Presidency to be a sure win? A combination of Solid South & Solid North, once sealed, will be unbeatable & even an attempt to rig the results of the election, a probability not farfetched happening, can be twarted if coupled with vigilance to protect the ballots’ sanctity comes Election day! God bless, our beloved Philippines!

  13. Those who stood against Duterte simply don’t want change and discipline. They still stick to what is “Naka-ugali-an na” and hopelessness. I feel bad for my country. Majority of us already have this strong feeling of hopelessness “Kurakot naman yan sila lahat sa Gobyerno, walang malinis so dun nalang tayo sa hindi medyo corrupt at may binabalik sa atin…” kaya nga meron tayong “Crab Mentality” eh..

    “I believe that what a country needs to develop is discipline more than democracy. The exuberance of democracy leads to undisciplined and disorderly conditions which are inimical to development.” – the late Prime Minister of Singapore, Leader Lee Kuan Yew

  14. The writer is very confused. He seemed not capable of separating Duterte, the presidential candidate, from the good people of Davao. Whenever anyone raises an issue against Duterte, the presidential candidate, he (and other Duterte supporters) should not take it as an attack against the good people of Davao. Those who are against the candidacy of Duterte are not against the people of Davao. The writer wrote that Duterte is not a dictator. But the facts I gathered point otherwise. In fact, he promised that once elected, he will establish a revolutionary government. Thereby, in effect saying, he will put the Constitution in the garbage dump. The Constitution is a very solemn instrument, containing the collective expression of the sovereign will of the people. Serious citizens like myself should not take these lightly. This is not about gallivanting, imposition of curfew, enforcement of anti-smoking ordinance, etc. Who are questioning those Davao ordinances, anyway? Nobody. We are scrutinizing the man – Duterte, the presidential candidate. You call that intellectual bigotry on our part? l see it the other way around. On extra-judicial killings, Duterte already admitted and bragged about killing 1,700 human beings! Don’t we have the right to question that?
    The writer should examine himself.

    • “n extra-judicial killings, Duterte already admitted and bragged about killing 1,700 human beings! Don’t we have the right to question that?” actually have the right to question that.
      You know why no one questions that? because they know Duterte was using hyperbole.
      Because seriously, who in there right mind will admit a crime in the open?
      Surely you know Duterte is not as stupid as people think. He knows what he’s doing.
      Have you ever wondered why Miriam Defensor-Santiago did not even bat an eyelash with Duterte’s “bragging to have killed 1,700” ? because she got the sarcasm.
      Sadly, you didn’t.

  15. mr. sumilang, i agree wholeheartedly and would add that duterte never promotes democracy. democracy is participation by itś citizens. duterte wants to be dictator and has said so. how has that ever worked out in the past in any other society? he is a master politician, but not a promoter of self governance. self governing societies rank as the highest level of success around the world ( they go after the real criminals, the elite. duterte never goes after the elite, instead killing low level criminals who are most likely committing crimes because they are poor. where is due process? so what if davao is safe, itś inhabitants are still living in abject poverty while the elite retain true power.

  16. I’m from Tacloban. Im currently working in cebu..Dutertards na ang nasa balota ko ngayon election..And Yellow flag? Mar Roxas?..We will backfire after what you and pinoytards did in Tacloban during Yolanda..

  17. Well, you should look at the postings of the “Dutertards”. Pati nga yung Singapore, nagrereklamo na sa kabastosan ng mga supporter ni Duterte. Bago ka mamintas, tingnan mo muna sarili mo sa salamin, my friend.

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