Paskuhan sa Gensan 2015: A Christmas of gratitude

Photo courtesy of Gensan CPIO
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It is a Christmas of thanksgiving here in Gensan. 

Mayor Ronnel Rivera, during the opening night of Paskuhan sa Gensan 2015 Monday (December 14), found an opportunity to express gratitude to the residents of the city.

“I am thankful for all the blessings that were lavished on us,” said Mayor Rivera. “I am thankful that despite the occurrence of untoward incidents, we still experienced peace over the last three years.”

“And finally, I am thankful for the diligence of our residents—to the laborers, farmers, fishermen, employees, small businessmen and entrepreneurs, investors, police, and military. They are the ones who made all the last three years among the best times in our city,” the mayor narrated.

This is the first term of Mayor Rivera as the local chief executive of Gensan—a considerable neophyte to politics.


But despite for that, he made notable achievements in that short stint such as lighting of major thoroughfares of the city and curbing of power outages.

He even boosted the business atmosphere in the city by attracting many investors through the improved business code, speedy business licensing, and provision of support facilities.

All of that, and some others, were attributed by Mayor Rivera not to himself alone, but to the residents of the city.

In his visit to one of the far-flung schools in city—Bagong Silang Elementary School in Barangay San Jose—Mayor Rivera had said that he has no intentions of “grabbing the limelight.”

“Wala akong dapat angkinin, dahil lahat ng ito ay para sa tao. Responsibilidad namin bilang elected officials na mag serbisyo. Ibibigay namin kung ano para sa inyo. Walang amin dito (I have nothing to claim because all of these are for the people. It is our responsibility as elected officials to give service. We will give what is rightful to you. We don’t own anything here),” he said.

Mayor Rivera has this year’s Paskuhan sa Gensan anchored on the concept of giving gratitude.

As one proof of this, the mayor is bringing back a bigger fireworks competition on December 20 – 22.

Paskuhan sa Gensan on December 14-23

The first competitor for the second Paskuhan sa Gensan 2015 Pyrotechnic Competition already fired after the opening ceremony.

With the help of Department of Education (DepEd) Gensan, Mayor River was able to illuminate the city plaza through a spectrum of Christmas lights. Christmas trees and other yuletide embellishments were also installed in the park.

Of course, adjacent to the city park, a glowing City Hall building catches anyone’s attention. 

Neri El Degracia, 3rd year education student from Ramon Magsaysay Memorial Colleges, noticed that this year’s Paskuhan sa Gensan is more vibrant. 

“Mas bibo ang Paskuhan sa Gensan ngayon. Maraming Christmas lights at attraction. Marami ring events kaya masaya,” Degracia said.

The night market and carnival in the Oval Plaza grounds provide recreation and economic activity to the festivity.

Photo contests, dance showdown, and chorale competition are among the activities that were slated in Paskuhan sa Gensan 2015.

The visibility of public safety units such as the General Santos City Police Office, Joint Task Force Gensan, and Civil Security Unit encourages the residents to join in the festivity.

The December 14 to 23 Paskuhan sa Gensan is one of the annual festivities of General Santos City, aside from Kalilangan and Tuna Festival. | Ian John Lagare of Gensan CPIO

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