Duterte sees Binay’s perpetual defiance over scrutiny of bank records

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TACLOBAN — Presidential candidate Rodrigo Duterte continued his offensive against rival Vice President Jejomar Binay over issues of corruption.

Speaking to journalists here Monday, Duterte said he doubts Binay will be man enough to take the challenge to disclose his bank records willingly.

“Hindi siguro (I don’t think so),” he said when asked whether he expects Binay to accept his dare.

Duterte noted that despite the freeze of the vice president’s bank accounts, he has always evaded efforts to uncover his wealth.

“His bank records are being opened now. Why would he cooperate?” Duterte said, referring to the Anti-Money Laundering Council’s freeze of the bank accounts of Binay and his associates.

Duterte and his running mate Senator Alan Peter Cayetano recently signed a waiver allowing access to their bank accounts.

The tandem believes this is one of the measures to ensure that presidential and vice-presidential aspirants are not hiding ill-gotten wealth.

Binay and his family, for their part, are being hounded by allegations of massive corruption.

The AMLC has said Binay, while serving as mayor of Makati City, received billions of pesos from infrastructure projects through dummies.

The council said the money was used to fund Binay’s vice presidential bid in 2010.

Duterte said this is one of Binay’s corruption baggages.

“Now this is a major problem for him,” he said.

Duterte’s camp recently dared the vice president to face the public and explain the “scandalous wealth” of the family.

Duterte has anchored his campaign on ending corruption in government. His political agenda also includes ending criminality and drug addiction.

Duterte believes that if these problems are given solution, the Philippines will be able to experience the economic growth it deserves.

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