Duterte to open bank account on Monday only if…

Photo from Rody Duterte: The Real Change
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Presidential candidate and Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte on Friday said he will open his bank account that allegedly contained the P211 million undeclared wealth.

But on one condition — that Sen. Antonio Trillanes, his accuser, signs an affidavit and files a case against him.

In a press conference at a restaurant in Pasay City Friday, Duterte said dared Trillanes to present himself before officials of the BPI Julia Vargas branch on Monday.

Duterte will be presented by his legal counsel, lawyer Salvador Panelo. Duterte is scheduled to visit Zamboanga City on Monday.
He also asked the media to witness the face-off between Trillanes and Panelo.

“Pumunta man kaya si Trillanes, at least, I can tell him what’s inside my account,” Duterte said. “Bahala na sila ni Sal(vador) Panelo mag-argue dyan.”
He said the Julia Vargas BPI account is indeed existing — with a ‘little lesser than’ P211 million content.

He told the media that the deposits are real, but was quick to say that “ang sinabi ko ay wala akong deposito na ganoon kalaki.”
“I might have said it in a different way, but I didn’t say that I have deposits that big.”

Commenting on the claim that a series of transfers were made during his birthday, Duterte said “ibig sabihin niyan, marami akong kaibigan na mayaman.”

Pressed further to comment on the source of the money, he said “bigay (gift).”

“Alang(an) hinold-up ko,” he said.

On Monday, he said he expects Trillanes to go to the Julia Vargas Pasay branch.

“Doon siya (Trillanes) magpunta,” said Duterte. “Gusto ko nga mag-execute siya ng affidavit, para legal. Put them in black and white…para totohanan talaga. Hindi lang tsismis.”

If Trillanes will sign an affidavit, Duterte vowed to open his account.

“Kaya pumunta siya doon. Kailangan dala nya ang affidavit,” the Mindanawon presidential candidate said.

He said “I just want it proper.”

“You execute an affidavit, you accuse the person, then the person, if he so desires, open (his bank account),” he said.

He admitted that the Julia Vargas BPI branch account has a less than P200 million.

Asked why the money was not indicated in his statement of assets and liabilities and net worth (SALN), he said he has already spent the money.
“Wala na. Nagastos ko na. Nag-happy-happy ako,” he said in jest.

Trillanes said the money was transferred to Duterte’s bank account in 2014, in time for his birthday.

“Marami pala akong kaibigan,” Duterte said when pressed for comments.

He said the money was not ‘ill gotten’.

“Panelo will explain it to you,” he said.

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