Inday Sara tells Trillanes: ‘At least kami, nagtatrabaho…ikaw?’

Inday Sara meets with supporters of her father | Photo courtesy of Byaheng DU30
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Inday Sara Duterte-Carpio lashed out at Sen. Antonio Trillanes for insinuating that she and her husband have ‘questionable’ properties.

In a GMA7 report, Trillanes said the Dutertes have over 40 properties in Metro Manila, Davao City, Davao del Norte, Dipolog, and Cagayan de Oro.

Trillanes provided the TV network with documents that showed Sara, a lawyer and former mayor of Davao City, has 15 properties, including four properties registered under her and husband, Manases Carpio — also a lawyer.

Quoting Trillanes, the report said “namakyaw ang pamilya Duterte ng mga ari-arian sa Davao City at Metro Manila.”

‘Namakyaw’ means wholesale purchasing in English.

The report was apparently part of the expose of Trillanes against presidential candidate Rodrigo Duterte. The Mindanawon presidential aspirant who is now the front runner in the race.

Reacting to Trillanes, Inday Sara said there was nothing questionable about her properties.

She hit Trillanes for making it “appear as if my husband and I do not have the right to buy property using money we have worked for.”

“Dalawa kami abugado ng asawa ko sa tingin mo kung gusto namin itago yan ilalagay pa ba namin sa pangalan namin? Kaya nga alam mo eh dahil hindi namin tinatago!” she said. “Gunggung. At least kami nagtatrabaho…ikaw?”

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    • Sara had 3 houses by the time she was 18 yrs old LOL they are all at. The Philippines is run on corruption and always will be, just the Duterte’s are at a different level to the Binays. In fact the Philippines in todays New York Times has stated the Philippines is the most corrupt country in all SE Asia. Does it not make you feel so proud to be Filipino LOL

  1. Walang akong nakikitang masama or mali sa pag acquire ng properties lalo na kung ito ay pinaghirapan mo. I agree with Inday Sara . Sa kabila ng mga black propaganda sa kaniyang ama na atin na ring tunay na ama na nagmamalasakit sa kaniyang mga anak, ang sambayanang Pilipino ay lalo pa siyang minahal at iboboto sa May 9. Our ciuntrymen are all desperate, tired of these trapos, corrupt politicians. Let us all unite to elect the right man who can do the job, eradicate graft and corruption, restore peace and order and the dignity of the Filipino people. God bless the Philippines.

  2. Ako nga na isang middle class family may properties din. I have 5 accounts, 7 properties named after my name. My husband has one named after him. I know some middle income families who have more than 10 properties so what’s the big deal.

  3. “For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged” (matthew 7:2). Yes… You are right indeed. I’m no saint, but I would like to give my two cents on this issue. No.1 Let’s Get Real. Whether this is true or not. Just let the facts be presented. we have to stop the lies, smear and all of this bullshit. Yes, absolutely, we have our laws… it is everyone rights to have it’s protection under the guidance of our Constitution. We all should abide by it and put things in order and let the court settle what it is due. But remember this – Public service is public trust. Are we going to tolerate the actions of Sen. Trillanes or are we going to allow the misleading of Mayor Duterte. Kababayan, We ain’t stupid, we should always for the truth and hoping that when judgement time comes. Our vote will justified our means. peace.

  4. Tama ka diyan, Sara! Lahat ng mga hinayupak na yan gungung! kaya hindi kami titigil na malukluk si Duterte ng sa ganun malinis ang bansa, isama na din lahat ng maiitim na media at tv network! Mga basura ang tingin ko sa mga taong walang prinsipyo sa buhay!!

    • The pea brain ulol kahol dog, subrang needs KSP. I’m feed up with this dog that honestly saying… if not a sin to wish something … I wish him vanish in thin air. No more integrity, trust, nothing. It’s an honorable act frm him to resign, he doesn’t deserve to be a senator, much more kulilat vp.

  5. Whose behind trillanes?? Noon pa man po ang trabaho ni trillanes ay siraan ang mga pulitikong kalaban ng administration.. Yan po ang ang trabaho ng isang senator na ngsasahod ng pera ng taong Bayan?? Nuon po ay pinagtatanggol ko si senator trillanes sa social media sa taong naninira sa kanya, but now, a big No!!!!! Tingnan mo muna ang sariling tae mo bago mu tingnan ang tae ng ibang tao!!! #duterte.

  6. Kupal yang mga olats na kandidato. Talo na kasi kayo… At sawa na ang taong bayan sa mga panloloko nyo… #duterte

    Change is coming…

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