Roxas, Aquino behind attacks on Duterte

Photo from Rody Duterte: The Real Change
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The camp of Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte accused President Benigno Aquino III of orchestrating a last ditch demolition job against the lone presidential bet from Mindanao in an effort to thwart his victory.

“(Senator Antonino) Trillanes is but a pawn. The brain behind is Malacanang,” Duterte campaign manager Leoncio Evasco Jr. said Saturday, just 9 days before the elections.

“The Aquino administration is bent on thwarting a victory by Duterte. It is desperately trying to save the candidacy of Mar Roxas and is poised to employ all means, including massive cheating, to maintain the status quo,” Evasco explained.

“They made the election a very dirty political exercise. They want it confined among the elite. They cannot stomach an outsider, one who has captivated the imagination of the people but does not come from their ranks,” the former rebel priest added.

Evasco said they have been expecting black propaganda to become more vicious and intense as Duterte began to rise in the surveys.

On Friday, Pulse Asia released the result of its April 19-24 survey on voter preference.

Duterte is keeping a tight grip of the lead in voter preference at 33 percent, 11 percentage points ahead of Senator Grace Poe who only has 22 percent.

Administration candidate Mar Roxas, who Aquino has endorsed and has been personally campaigning hard, is trailing back with 20 percent.

“Aquino and Roxas both belong to the landed elite who only have contempt against the majority of Filipinos clamoring for genuine and real change,” Evasco said.

One does not have to go beyond and behind recent history, he added.

“During the watch of Pnoy and Roxas, we saw how they remorselessly sacrificed the lives of our gallant police officers in Mamasapano,” Evasco reminded the country.

“When hungry farmers demanded rice because the severe drought is killing their children, they answered back by firing at the protesters and in the process killing 3 and wounding scores of others. It was an exercise of brutal state euthanasia,” he exclaimed.

The Duterte strategist said “for the first time, people have rallied behind a man – a leader – who is giving them hope.”

This, he added, is bringing “fear into the senses of the Aquino government and their minions.”

That is the reason why they unleashed Trillanes who he called as a failed putschists and a reckless mercenary of the Aquino government.

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  1. Ha ha , natawa naman ako dito. eh si trillanes and nagbuko kay binay, wala naman bintang na si aquino at roxas ang nag orchestrate. ngayon si duterte and inungkat ni trillanes, si pnoy at roxas na pinagbintangan. noong una, kampo ni Poe pinagbintangan, ngayon si mar naman. ano ba, pabagobago lang ba ang trade mark nyo. sagutin kasi ang isyu: may pera ba at properties na hindi na delcare sa SALN? HWAG ILIHIS ang isyu kasi your platform of campaign is: you will stop crime and corruption in 6 months. yon ang sagutin nyo sa taong bayan kasi we hate corrupt presidents.

  2. C’mon, it is too obvious. They are very afraid. Mar Roxas is losing big time to Duterte. Plan B Poe doesn’t work either. And besides, this Administration has 7 BILLION unliquidated Yolanda funds to explain to the Pilipino people. Who knows by 2017 PNOY and MAR will be like Arroyo riding their wheelchair. #EndOfEliteDemocracy #ChangeIsComing

  3. Resorting to cheap tricks huh? Bababa ka na lang sa pwesto ito pa rin ang priority mo! Pinaka Ogag na pang-gulo ng Pilipinas at sinamahan pa ng iang dakilang tanga na sidekick!

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