Roxas’ frantic call reeks stench of defeat

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STATEMENT | Mar Roxas’s appeal for a dialogue “anytime and anywhere” with Grace Poe is an admission that a victory by Mayor Rodrigo Duterte has virtually become inevitable.
Only a man on the verge of defeat can issue such frantic calls.

A man who cannot accept defeat in a clean and honest election is now trying to subvert the sovereign will of the people by calling on the very rival he tried to eliminate to rally behind him and prevent Mayor Duterte from winning the presidency.

It is not only an admission of defeat, it is also conceding that his kind is being repudiated by the people.

It also further unmasks the true character of the Aquino regime – one in the face of debacle will abandon ship and run like headless chicken.

A call for unity with Grace Poe is the ultimate insult to the Filipino people.
It is a final act of betrayal.

It reaffirms our conviction that the Aquino-Roxas clique will not give up power and will hold on to that power to preserve the interests of oligarchy that they represent.
They want Grace Poe to concede and give way to him so that their ilk will continue their exploitative reign.

On top of this all is President Benigno Aquino III who is brokering the deal.

All these because the people is gathering strength by the day, by the hour and by the minute as we head to the election on Monday, May 9.

The unity that we envision is the unity of the Filipino people who are demanding change.
Change not only in the presidency but meaningful and radical change in leadership.
The unity we want is the unity of the people and their leaders.

Only Mayor Rodrigo Duterte can unite the Filipino people.

A united nation will make it difficult for the oligarch to again rule and reign over us. It is our unity that we should rally behind. Not the unity of the ruling elite.

We call on peace loving Filipinos to expose and oppose the plot to rob us of our victory.
We will defeat this machination of the ruling elite to deny us the chance to secure and determine our fate and our future.

No to the Aquino-Roxas conspiracy!

National Campaign Manager
Duterte for President

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