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If you go by the accounts of many news organizations, President Rody is bad news.
What has the man done to generate such negative response?

The most possible answer would be the manner he is waging the war against drugs.
Some critics say he does not adhere to due process. There is some truth to that, I suppose.

Others say his declaration of war has caused the death of some by mistaken identity. Again, there is some truth to that.

Still others contend that he has taken on the role of prosecutor, judge and executioner at the same time. Well, he is.

Anything else?

Due process in this country, as we know it, has been shot full of holes by criminal minds who are using the very same apparatus supposedly intended to let justice prevail for the exact opposite. As Pres. Duterte has repeatedly elaborated during the campaign, even before the ink on the warrant on a suspected drug pusher even dries up, the latter has already flown the coop.

Why? Because he has been tipped by corrupt elements in the prosecutor’s office who are in the payroll of the drug syndicates.

If the suspect is arrested and the case prospers, t will take all the creativity on the side of clean prosecutors and witnesses to deal with the scalawags who have mastered the trade of either bribing or threatening, or both in their effort to evade conviction.

After all the energy spent on the prosecution, it will have to take an incorruptible and brave judge to hand down the guilty verdict.

When all the legal options are exhausted and the convict is finally consigned to Muntinnlupa, what happens?

As we have known by now, they had the time of their lives: making money inside more than they ever made outside.

In so many words, the picture is clear: the entire process is corrupt to the core. This is the same judiciary that Chief Justice Lourdes Sereno wants Pres. Duterte to naively submit to notwithstanding the dangers that it present.

The point is that if there is anybody who deserved to be loathed and hated, it is the drug syndicates and their minions and, even more so, scalawags and rogue elements in the government who have sold their souls to Satan.

Will this war benefit Pres. Duterte? The answer is a big no. He has naturally enraged all who benefited in the drug trade who now want nothing than his head on a platter.

Indeed, it would have serve him better if he just kept his mouth shut and – like his predecessor – pretend that the drug problem does not exist.

And, like his predecessor, he can serve his full term without worrying about drug lords and criminals who are waiting for the first opportunity to neutralize him.
Pres. Rody is right: it is lonely at the top.

He is always on the lookout for drug and criminal syndicates who are itching to kill him, from political opponents who are itching to return to power, from powers-that-be whose feathers he has ruffled because he dared put them in their place, and bashers and critics who strike him at will from the comfort of their gated communities and safe confines and out of funds from various sources that are committed to his disgrace.

Pres. Rody is no saint, and he has made that clear long before he formally decided to run.

He is a sinner and he confesses to that without anybody telling him to.
If it is a sin to go hammer and tongs against drug and criminal syndicates and do everything it takes to win the war that knows no boundaries and takes no prisoners, then he is guilty.

If it is not, what does that make of all those who hate his guts and everything that he stands for simply because he refuses to play to the gallery and be confined in box?

This is a strange time and a curious generation that confuses the friend for the enemy and vice versa.

And yet, for all the undeserved hate that Pres. Rody has been subjected to, he is actually more adherents and defenders with each passing day as people who were previously blinded by self-righteous critics and know-it-all bashers are gradually seeing the light.

Being hated and loathed happens to the best and the worst of them.

Pres. Duterte may not finish his term for waging this war that so many people do not want to be fought. It might even cost him his life.

Pres. Duterte, however, will not lose sleep thinking over that.

This is one war he has vowed to win no matter what.

Unfortunately for all those who hate him, whether for the right or wrong reasons, Pres. Duterte is not alone.

A righteous war, just like a good cause, is worth fighting for. Fortunately, there is no shortage of people whose head and heart are in the right places, who have the courage to stand up and be counted who are solidly behind him.

That is bad news for all concerned.

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