Glorifying Leila de Lima

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Why is Sen. Leila Delima getting all the exposure she wants?

De Lim has practically cornered more than half of the news reports since her term started last July. That means she has more mileage than all her peers in the Senate combined.

Perhaps it is her insistence to accuse President Rodrigo Duterte of virtually all the deaths that took place since he assumed office in July made her the most favorite news source of virtually all media organizations.

And yet, if you look at it, all she has to show, aside from Edgar Matobato and his compilation of incredible fables, are unsubstantiated allegations, hearsay or downright lies.

True, she is entitled to her opinions, but that does not mean the press should ram these down our throats as if they are gospel truths. Whatever happened to critical thinking?

When De Lima fires indiscriminately at President Duterte and all those who refuse to indulge her fantasies, it becomes news even if there is hardly any evidence to back it up.

It does not matter if she and her cohort, Sen. Sonny Trillanes, resort to all means fair and foul – well, mostly foul – just to nail down Duterte in the halls of the Senate.

Most of the time, she gets more air time and column inches than all the senators combined. Is she that impressive? Think again.

And on the other hand, when De Lima makes a blanket denial of all the allegations raised against her in the proper forum, she is given all the time in the world to dispute them – even when she is outside the proper forum.

Nobody remembers that the moment she declined the invitation to appear in the House, she forfeited the opportunity not only to defend herself but also to confront her accusers.

De Lima’s audacity to accuse everybody, anybody at will can only come from the belief that she can get away with it. The fact that she keeps doing that betrays an optimism that, more often than not, she gets not only sympathetic questions but even expressions of support from those who are supposed to be critical to all politicians.

More often than not, the same people who have nothing good to say about President Duterte are the same people who have nothing bad to say against De Lima. How lucky can one get?

The fact remains, however, that in all this, there is a clear and unmistakable pattern to glorify De Lima.

On any given day, between one who is called all sorts of names because he wants to win the war at all cost, and one who is resorting to all sorts of alibis to deny her involvement in it, the choice should have been obvious.

Why is De Lima getting all the exposure that she wants? Your guess is as good as mine.

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