GOOD NEWS: Duterte approves P3000 per month combat pay for soldiers, cops

Malacanang Photo
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From the current P340 for police and P500 for soldiers, the monthly combat pay for all personnel of the Armed Forces of the Philippines and uniformed personnel of the Philippine National Police has been increased to P3000 — across the board.

This came after President Rodrigo Duterte signed Executive Order No. 3 on September 26.

The President also increased the combat incentive pay of the men and women in uniform engaged in actual military or police operations to P300 per day from the previous combat incentive pay of P150 per day for qualified members of the AFP.

But the incentive pay is covered by a set of conditions: the operation must be for a specific combat mission that is duly covered by an Operations Order (OPORD) or Fragmentary Order (FRAG-0) for the AFP or a Mission Order for the PNP; the personnel involved in combat must be in the published task organization of the AFP OPORD/FRAG-0 or the PNP Mission Order; and the total additional combat incentive pay for each individual shall not exceed P3000 per month.

“The combat incentive pay shall be over and above the combat duty pay of P3,000 for qualified officers and enlisted personnel of the AFP and qualified uniformed personnel of the PNP,” read the Executive Order.

The initial funding requirement of the combat pay shall be drawn from the Miscellaneous Personnel Benefits Fund.

Succeeding funding shall be included in the specific budgets of the AFP and PNP, as the case may be, in the General Appropriations Act, provided that the actual roster of military and uniformed personnel of the AFP and PNP is submitted to the Department of Budget and Management.

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