Presidential son Paolo Duterte: ‘Never in my life that I ordered the killing of my enemies’

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Presidential son and Davao City Vice Mayor Paolo Duterte broke his silence and countered the claims made against him by self-confessed killer Edgar Matobato.

“Never in my life that I ordered someone to kill my enemies,” the vice mayor said in an interview with the press at his office Tuesday morning.

Matobato, who was presented as a witness by Senator Leila de Lima, alleged in a recent Senate inquiry that Paolo ordered the so-called Davao Death Squad (DDS) to execute certain people, including Cebu-based businessman Richard King.

Paolo said he does not personally know King, who was killed in 2014 inside his office in Barrio Obrero in Davao.

He, however, disclosed that before this, King wanted to get in touch with him over a business transaction that did not go through because of the businessman’s sudden death.

“The meeting never happened because he was murdered,” he said. “I do not know King personally.”

Earlier, vice mayor Duterte has refused to comment on Matobato’s allegations.

He broke his silence on Tuesday saying he felt that wanted to address the insanity behind the claims of Matobato whom he labeled as a madman.

He intimated that it would be unfair for him to appear before the Senate based entirely on Matobato’s allegations. He instead challenged the Senate to test Matobato’s mental health.

“The Senate will invite me to answer the allegations made by a madman?” he said.

He also belied the claim that Matobato worked as his bodyguard.

“To tell you frankly, Mr. Matobato, I don’t know you!” he said. “I’ve never seen you in this city, not even once.”

But despite Matobato’s claims, he said it is unlikely that he will file charges against the witness of Sen. de Lima.

“Why would I file a case against a deranged person? It would be useless,” he said.

The son of President Rodrigo Duterte said the allegations of Matobato were apparently out to tarnish the reputation of his father.

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