A lie called Matobato

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Has the nation heard the last of Edgar Matobato?

Yes, the lucky one who had the temerity to lie under oath and get away with it. He who made all the headlines, both in the Philippine and international media for a demented horror story that turned out to be nothing but bluster.

Indeed, how lucky can one get?

So lucky because after all his lies were exposed, there has been no screaming headlines that would rectify the erroneous ones he and his sponsors initially peddled.
Is it any wonder why many people are losing faith in the mainstream media and turning to alternative sources?

Senate President Aquilino Pimentel III refused to be a part in a set play designed by Matobato’s scriptwriters to place him under witness protection. It is not just a waste of people’s money. It is stupid.

While so many decent people who toil under the heat of the sun are exposed to both human and natural calamities, the Senate would have provided comfort and security to a scoundrel who rightfully belongs to the rogues gallery.

Like a bubble, Matobato is gone. Sen. Sonny Trillanes, he who vainly tried to stop Sen. Alan Peter Cayetano from testing Matobato’s credibility and who self-righteously vowed to protect the latter after Pimentel refused sanctuary, now claims he does not know where the scoundrel has gone.

There are people who suspect that Matobato will have to be silenced (that is if he has not been silenced yet) to prevent him from doing a somersault and revealing all: i.e. who recruited him, who wrote the pathetic script, and all those who were part of the grand deception he tried but failed to pull off.

Filipinos know better than be taken for a ride by the cabal that sold this nation to the drug syndicates while professing holiness. They paid dearly for being naive in choosing that media darling in 2010.

Once is enough.

For sure, Matobato will not be missed. There are more urgent concerns to address than listening to a sordid script written by mentally deranged spin masters.

Trick me once, shame on you. Trick me twice, shame on me.

If there is any lesson to be learned here, it is the fact that the mainstream media does
not have a monopoly of the truth.

Unlike President Rodrigo Duterte who has been mocked for probably being the most apologetic president, the Philippine and international media will refuse to apologize for its role in foisting the infamous lie that is Matobato.

Has the nation heard the last of Matobato? In all likelihood, yes.

Filipinos have better things to do than listen to a scoundrel – even if the media packaged him as the real deal.

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