About Newsdesk

NewsDesk.asia is an independent initiative of freelance journalists in Mindanao. This is a realization of that long-desired platform that is to be wholly owned and managed by journalists and media workers themselves.

As an independent media group, it abrogates itself from the interests of media owners and media capitalists. Its accountability to the public is therefore not compromised. More than reporting fast and accurate news, NewsDesk.asia aims to deliver in-depth, explanatory, investigative and special reports on important issues that are often overlooked and not given enough coverage, airtime and space by traditional media platforms.

It is committed to devote attention to quality stories on the environment, human rights, migration, health, women, children and the youth, education and peace and conflict. It will also cater to stories on business and the economy and related issues.

Overall, its commitment is to stay true to the real values of journalism, throwing its uncompromising 100 percent bias to truth.



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